Re-Mortgages – There’s Help For Bad Credit Ratings On The Way

As any report on the subject will reveal, million of UK consumer are staggering through life under the weight of poor credit scores as a result of County Court Judgements being issued against them.

Of even greater concern is the fact that many don?t even realise they?re in a bad credit spiral until they have their application for a standard mortgage turned down.

In many cases, individuals with CCJs received their black mark because they moved house without notifying credit or store card companies, and subsequently missed a few payments. More and more mortgage lenders are coming to realise that this oversight often sits at the heart of the problem and that it often doesn?t mean that individuals with poor credit can?t afford to make mortgage payments.

Since CCJs remain on a permanent credit file for six years, a person can be forced to suffer the repercussions of making small mistakes years ago. Mortgage lenders are beginning to realize that this isn’t fair and are extending UK CCJ mortgages to individuals at reasonable rates. More lenient credit requirements by lenders, coupled with an environment of historically low interest rates, makes applying for a mortgage more affordable than ever before.

The moral of the story, then, is that however bleak the consequence at first appear, be sure to shop around for a mortgage even if you have poor credit. The best way to see if you qualify for a loan is to apply through an independent mortgage broker online via a web site such as this. Once your information has been taken, work can begin on finding a deal which suits your special circumstances.

However unusual you think your situation is, it?s worth bearing mind that you may be able to afford that new home after all.