Apply For California Debt Settlement

debt settlementOur company provides California debt consolidation services and counseling to reduce the pain of getting out of debt. With our help our clients avoid filing for bankruptcy or opening a debt consolidation loan to reduce their unsecured debt like mortgages and credit cards. They pay off their obligations in as little as one to five years, meanwhile savings thousands in interest payments.

Participating in debt counseling and debt consolidation programs show you’re serious about paying your debt. Current and future creditors will have positive proof in front of them that you honor your obligations.
California debt negotiation with your creditors obtains an easier payment schedule and lower interest rates for you. The money you save in high interest and those late-payment fees help you live better right now as you build a more solid and secure future.

Creditors really do not like paying collection agencies to recover bad debts. It costs them money and costs them you as a customer in the future. It is in the best interest of their own bottom line to work with us and help you reduce your debt to them.
California debt reduction successfully saves you money. You soon find your money is going further than it has in quite some time and your credit rating is going up. It takes time, but things do get better.

All we ask is that you send us one monthly payment. That’s it. We take that monthly payment and distribute it among your creditors, eliminating those stressful phone conversations with collections agencies. You will find that it is so easy to keep track of your debts and payments this way, and you will actually be saving money.

Part of our program is debt counseling services. Our counselors will sit down with you and pinpoint your past attitudes and spending behavior that may have led to your problems. These debt counseling and budget planning services are just a part of our comprehensive program to help you live debt-free again. Another option is debt settlement!