Apply For Connecticut Debt Settlement

debt settlementConnecticut debt consolidation is a powerful tool in helping clients conquer their credit-card, mortgage, and other types of unsecured loans. It is possible for them to do this without filing for bankruptcy and without taking on a debt consolidation loan. Our customers can save thousands of dollars in interest and pay off their obligations in a shorter amount of time, typically in as little as two to four years.

By combining all outstanding loans into one payment, debt consolidation becomes a viable option in the effort to attain freedom from debt. Enrollment in a debt consolidation program is a signal of your commitment to meeting your obligations, an indication of future credit worthiness to your creditors.

We make this possible by negotiating with our customers’ creditors for more favorable terms. Our Connecticut debt reduction services get out clients back on their financial feet by showing them how to break the cycle of missed and late payments, one of the first warnings of possible bankruptcy or foreclosure. It is in your creditors’ best interest to work with us in lowering interest payments and sometimes waiving fees for you. Turning your overdue accounts to collection agencies costs your creditors money and time. Additionally, they really do not want to lose your future business once you are back on your feet.

By taking advantage of our Connecticut debt negotiation services, you actually end up with more money in your pocket to help meet your current needs and obligations. In time, you catch up and regain the solid financial ground you once held. Your credit rating steadily increases as a result of making timely payments. In the meantime, your one monthly payment to us is being distributed among your creditors by us. We handle all the hassles and shield you from those stressful collection calls.

Our services do not stop there. Our professionals also give you debt counseling and some handy budget planning tips to help get you back on track. The counselors help you pinpoint attitudes and spending behaviors you may have developed over the years that led to your debt situation. This is a perfect strategy to save you from ever having the same problem in the future.