Apply For Kentucky Debt Settlement

debt settlementWould you like to reduce or eliminate your outstanding debt in as little as one to four years while saving thousands of dollars in interest and late fees? Our Kentucky debt consolidation services will help you do that. While saving money, you will also avoid filing for bankruptcy or assuming a debt consolidation loan to cover unsecured debt like mortgages and credit cards.

There is another very important matter to consider. Though you may be in a precarious financial state right now, participating in a Kentucky debt reduction services program shows that you are committed to changing your life. This one simple step illustrates that you are serious about your financial obligations, something current and future lenders consider. Current creditors would like to retain you as a customer if you pay them what you owe.

Kentucky debt negotiation services work with your creditors to establish lower interest rates, more affordable monthly payments, and perhaps fee waivers. Lower payments each month mean that you have more money for your daily needs.

There’s an added benefit for your creditors. They will save money, too, by not paying an agency to collection on bad debts. Furthermore, as mentioned above, creditors really want to keep you as a customer.

Here’s how it works. You and our debt negotiators work together and come up with a monthly payment you can afford more easily. You send us that amount every month and we pay your creditors on time. You do not have to keep track of how much you owe individual creditors. Because your payments are made on time, your credit rating steadily improves while you save through lower interest rates.

To help you manage your finances better and avoid your return to the cycle of late and missed payment, we offer debt counseling services. We can help you find and stop those money behaviors and attitudes that have worked against you in the past.