Apply For Louisiana Debt Settlement

debt settlementLouisiana debt reduction can get you out of debt in as little as one to four years while saving you thousands of dollars in interest costs and associated late fees. Even better, you reclaim your good name.

Louisiana debt negotiation allows our company to work with your creditors. We can obtain lower interest rates, one very affordable monthly payment, and perhaps a waiver of those mysterious fees that add to your total debt obligation.

Our Louisiana debt consolidation services combine all your outstanding unsecured debt, like credit cards and mortgages, into one amount. You and our company arrive at a monthly payment that you can more easily afford. All you have to do is make this one simple payment every month and we take care of the rest. We pay off your creditors, steadily reducing the amounts you owe them over time. A record of timely payments proves that you are serious about meeting your obligations, something your present and future creditors will like to see.

Your creditors would rather not turn your accounts over to collection agencies. This costs them money in the form of fees. Instead, creditors would rather work with you through us, even though they receive an amount at a lower interest rate. It is hard to believe, but your creditors want to keep you as a customer as long as you pay them.

The lower monthly amount you pay our Louisiana credit card debt reduction services allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money, money that would otherwise be wasted on high interest charges and those dreaded late fees. This is money that you can use to make your life better right now.

In order to help keep you from falling back into the same situation in the future, our counselors will sit down with and help you identify any possible past behaviors and attitudes that may have contributed to your difficulties.