Apply For Maine Debt Settlement

debt settlementOur Maine debt reduction program helps you out of debt in as little as one to four years, while at the same time saving you thousands of dollars in interest costs and late fees. Even better, you reclaim your financial reputation by avoiding late or missed payments.

Our company’s Maine debt negotiation services work with your creditors. It is possible to get you lower interest rates, a single affordable monthly payment, and perhaps even a waiver of those mysterious fees that really add up and waste your money.

Our Maine debt consolidation program combines all your credit card and mortgage debt, known as unsecured debt, into one lump sum. You make one simple monthly payment to us and we disburse it to your creditors. It is very easy to track your debt obligation this way, avoiding constant juggling of statements and bills.

You pay one affordable payment to us every month. We handle the rest. We pay your creditors on a timely basis, steadily reducing the amounts you owe. These timely payments are the hallmark of a creditworthy customer, valuable now and in the future.

You see, your creditors do not want to turn your accounts over to collection agencies. It costs companies money because they have to pay for collection services. Unbelievably, the companies you owe money to would like to retain you as a continuing customer. As long as they are paid on time, they are willing to work with you through us.

Your lower monthly amount pay our Maine credit card debt reduction services gains you some financial breathing room. The money you save on interest payments alone will make an immediate difference in your life, not to mention the way those harassing phone calls stop. Less stress and more money mean a better life for you right now.

We even help you in the future by providing you with debt counseling. You sit down with our qualified staff and determine what money attitudes and habits may have gotten you in trouble in the first place.