New Mexico

Apply For New Mexico Debt Settlement

debt settlementWe have debt consolidation programs in New Mexico that will smooth the way for you to reduce and eliminate your debts. No more fear of foreclosure or bankruptcy, no more thinking about taking out one of those debt consolidation loans to deal with your unsecured debts like your credit cards. It’s not a dream. You really will be able to pay off your debt in as little as one to four years — and even save thousands in interest and fees.

This systematic debt reduction program of ours in New Mexico has other benefits, too. Imagine seeing your credit rating steadily improving every month. To your creditors, you look really serious about paying off those debts. In a way, they are celebrating right along with you as things look better. They don’t want you to fail anymore than you want to fail. They would lose a long-time customer in many cases. Your creditors want to keep you as a customer now and in the future.

New Mexico debt negotiation lets us talk your situation over with your creditors. We will negotiate lower monthly payments and may even be able to get some of those mysterious fees waived. What this means in more money in your pocket right now when you need it most.

This all works in a very simple way. Send us one very affordable monthly payment, and then we pay your creditors from that amount. A history of timely payments improves your credit rating while reducing your debt. We deal with the details while you work to get your life back on track, with more money in your pocket than you’ve seen in a while.

Just to make sure you don’t wander off track again, we also provide debt counseling services. You sit down with one of our counselors and work together to find past attitudes and behaviors that may have caused you to overspend. Isn’t that nice to know?