New York

Apply For New York Debt Settlement

debt settlementOur New York debt consolidation services work with you to reduce and eliminate all that debt that been worrying you. You won’t lie awake at night ruining your sleep thinking about foreclosure or bankruptcy. The only dream you will have is of the debt-free life you’ll be living in one to four years. Only it’s not a dream. We can help you make it happen, and save you thousands in the process.

This systematic New York debt reduction program of ours pays other dividends. A credit rating that is steadily improving will help you sleep better, too. You know you are serious about discharging all those obligations and you are making it happen.

Your creditors will notice your new attitude, which is a relief to them. They don’t want you to fail. They would lose you as a long-time customer in many cases. Companies like to hold on to the customers they already have. Sending a collection agency after you is a way to lose you, and they know that. Our New York debt negotiation program talks things over with your creditors. We establish a more affordable payment schedule for you and may even be able to get some of those fees waived that you paid in the past.

It’s all pretty simple and easy. You send us one monthly amount that we’ve agreed on. We pay that amount to your creditors in a timely manner. That’s it. Your credit rating improves while we do the work. You can concentrate on getting your life back into shape and actually have some spare money in your pocket. To help keep you from wandering off track again, our debt counseling services will identify past behaviors and attitudes that weren’t working in your favor. By realizing the causes of your problems, you won’t have to repeat them. You’re creating a life for yourself, better than the one you had before.